Project Description

The City of Clairton is a community of roughly 7,000 residents located in the Monongahela River valley 15 miles south of downtown Pittsburgh.

Formerly a booming industrial area, the last several decades have seen a period of disinvestment as steel and related industries faded from the region.

This downturn decimated the local economy, resulting in a severe lack of employment opportunities and access to quality affordable housing. In 1988, Clairton entered Act 47 financial distress status, and continued to struggle for nearly 30 years until in 2015 it became one of only a handful of third-class cities in the Commonwealth to exit this designation.

New investment directed by a state-supported Neighborhood Partnership Program, through partners including BNY Mellon and Highmark, is creating opportunities for Clairton to take a crucial step toward long-term stability through economic development, affordable housing, and revitalization of the central business district, including the key “main street” block on the corner of Miller and St. Clair. Redevelopment of this site, located within a Federal Opportunity Zone, is a priority of local residents, community leaders, and elected representatives.

In support of these goals, Mon Valley Initiative (MVI), a designated Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO), is creating the Clairton Inn, a mixed-use redevelopment at the primary intersection of Clairton’s central business district at Miller and St. Clair Avenues.

High-quality, affordable rental housing is key for low-income residents to stabilize their families and focus on increasing their financial success and health.

In addition, as individuals gain the security of good housing, they are empowered to address other aspects of their lives, such as advancing their education and employment situations.

MVI has significant experience in helping program participants develop the skills they need to improve their employment opportunities, addressing an urgent need in a community where many are struggling to get by. Access to workforce development training and financial education will be included in the supportive services offered on site at this development.

This development has the capability to contribute significantly to fundamental, positive changes that will enhance the lives of and amenities available to the residents of this community.

Current funding commitments to the project include an allocation of federal Low Income Housing Tax Credits and PHARE funding from the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency and housing funding from Allegheny County Economic Development. The Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development also has committed funding for the commercial portion of the project.

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